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Vibrant Organizations, Healthy Teams,
High-Performing Individuals

  • Vibrant Organizations
    Vibrant Organizations

    We use a variety of proven, data-driven solutions and tools, to upgrade your high-performance organization.

    We identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, to focus on what to reinforce, or modify.

    We are systemic to evaluate, prepare and deliver

    Design an intentional organization – with the desired culture (as most organizations are NOT structured to achieve their goals, meet customer needs, be nimble)

    Help align your entire system, to create alignment, be high performing

  • Healthy Teams

    Most teams are underperforming (due to politics, lack of clarity of their roles, performance issues, etc.), we help foster engagement, participatory learning

    We collaborate to help your teams get along and be productive from others, without frustration or conflict.

    We show how to understand others work styles, to maximize collaboration

    Getting what you need/want from others (from each other), without conflict

    How to prompt desired outcomes from themselves and others (what to do…how to make it happen)

  • High-Performing Individuals
    High-Performing Individuals

    Teach individuals about themselves, their work style, what they like, their comfort zone. Preferred work styles.

    Learn how to improve your emotionally intelligence

    How to engage with a difficult employees or team-members; getting what you need out of them

    Understanding your preferred style, increase your own emotional intelligence

    How to avoid tasks (and people) that you do not want to deal with

  • Assessments

    We RARELY ever receive honest, open and balanced feedback, our process gathers needed, meaningful feedback

    Most people focus only on the negatives, we assist participants to also focus on the positives

    When 360 feedback is given, it is a chance for individuals to self-correct, and make adjustments

    With our 360 report, managers have a more complete picture of how their direct reports are perceived – and can help strengthen their employees (or help make course-corrections)

    When 360 reports are done INDEPENDENT of salary reviews, the data collections is less biased

    Our process includes providing individualized feedback, in a summarized 360 report, and one-on-one feedback sessions

We use quantitative and qualitative data
to give managers and employees the skills
to expertly build your profitable business.


Tools and Methods

Unbiased Assessment

Problem – the current state is fraught with ambiguity, often role confusion, of what is expected and how someone is performing. Clear understanding of job performance, closing blind-spots, highlighting wins/strengths, appreciation. Creating an action plan for sustained results. Customized 360 questions, customized to be congruent with values, with proven validity


360 individual

Team 360

Organizational 360


Problem – For some, even talented, motivated people, changing direction can be overwhelming. While 85% of seminar participants will immediately move forward in productive and sustained ways, the other 15% need additional coaching to turn their new knowledge into lasting behaviors. Our approach is collaborative and engaging, ending with tangible next-steps and achievable goals.


The reinforcement to ensure change behaviors, aligned goals, personal objectives

Individual coaching

Manager feedback and coaching

Assist managers who have trouble adapting, modifying their styles, new to being a manager, are great individual performers, but now manage a team of 360 individuals

Instructional Design

Problem – Existing training tools and materials are off-strategy, unnecessarily complex, outdated or non-existent. We provide Customized Engagement Learning and Hands-On, Solution Oriented team activities, tailored for adult learning and retention.


Virtual learning – topic specific, content summary

Management training


Leadership development series seminar

Team productivity workshops


Problem – Many workplace inefficiencies and conflicts revolve around personalities and individual behavioral styles. We use DISC self-assessments to help leaders and team members understand how to work with peers, even customers - who have different styles. The assessments and workshop immediately leads to massive improvement in productivity and virtually eliminates conflict.


Individual DiSC: scientific assessment, proving to teach individuals how they work and communicate.



Listening assessment

Management DiSC

Organizational Effectiveness

Problem – Over time, business trajectories can drift off course. The majority of organizations we help, have antiquated processes that are not aligned with their current objectives. We use multiple assessment tools to help you see your business through the eyes of customers, and then help you re-align goals with processes, to improve productivity, motivation and recover wasted resources.


Strategy alignment

Organizational 360 survey

Customer surveying (qualitative and quantitative)

Organizational redesign and process improvement

With our tools and training, your organization
will experience an immediate turn-around
as you achieve specific, action-driven objectives.



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